Friday, November 16, 2007

Sorry for the long absence, but we've both been too tired to blog at night. Jodi and Bonnie have been working hard, sistering joists and battening down the hatches before the bitter cold returns. I've spent a lot of the last two weeks in Jersey, which makes for a long day with the commute. We have coffee together in the morning and a late dinner - then fall into bed. The radiant tubing is run in two of the floors now and we're trying to get a plumber out here to connect it to the boiler. What a happy day that will be when we finally have heat. It got down to 43 in the can see your breath at 45. The dogs have taken to fighting over the wood stove and wearing little doggy sweaters. We'll all be happy to have a warm floor!!

Time to start the day, but we'll leave you with a few photos. Be well and warm (we're jealous). Alicia

Oh yeah. Thought you might like to see a couple of the finished baseball players. Of course I liked them better as pristine, white heads, but here they are...