Monday, September 24, 2007

The phone call went something like this...

Alicia: "What are you doing honey?"
Jodi: "Working in the basement. What are you doing?"
Alicia: (voice quivering) "I think I just drilled through my finger."

...and I did. Through the little sculpture, into one side of my finger and out through the other side. I had to back the drill out to remove it, catch the blood and try not to faint while I waited for Jodi. Missed the bone as the X-ray would show. And I quote the trauma nurse, "You don't see that every day!" As it turns out, I'll heal, but for now, THROB, THROB, THROB.

Meanwhile, Jodi is dig, dig, digging out the mortar at the base of the basement walls like a little hunched troll. Although it seems like endless drudgery (well, it is endless drudgery) she is maintaining good spirits as the end is in sight. Next comes tuck pointing drudgery, which will be fun and exciting at first (assuming she has no chemical burns from the lime putty) but, 4 stories of tuck pointing WILL be drudgery. I would happily fast forward to a finished house, if it didn't mean missing out on all the good things this year has to offer. Not the drilled fingers, but the sex, the chocolate, New York city and Christmas with my kids. All will seem even tastier compared to tuck pointing.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The demolition is complete!!

Big sigh of relief!!! Now we can start putting things back together. We started by jacking up the house. This is a temporary fix until the new concrete slab and footings are poured. I know this isn't the most exciting news for anyone out there reading this blog, but we won't fall through the floor while showering anytime soon. (now that would have been exciting news!) This has been a real fear ever since it came to our attention that somewhere along the path of this house, three bearing walls had been arbitrarily removed.

Thought I would share a photo of what we have been using as a headboard for the past month or two:

And now, let me just say that there are many things about the way Poughkeepsie works that I don't yet understand. None perplex me as much as the way they word their signs. Can anyone tell me what these signs mean exactly? They are on opposite sides of the same street. HUH?! ~Alicia

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Xmas in August!

Well, here we are the day after the Mega Millions drawing for $330 million, yes it's true. A moment of brief silence for not having chosen the winning numbers, and then we move on. How can one resist playing for THAT?! 

Friday was filled with bounty! The kind UPS man delivered several hundreds of pounds of packages: thirteen in all. The radiant heat system has arrived!! (for us to install). Christmas came the form of an espresso machine and grinder fit for commercial use. Two absurd purchases, they are, for a couple about to rip down their kitchen, dining room and living room ceilings -- and having literally ZERO counter space. BUT I'M SO HAPPY!

I wasn't even sure that the electricity in its current state would power said bliss-inducing machines, but, lo, all seems fine. You all know how much good coffee fuels a life well-lived, and so we must!

I had to take the day off today due to a very sore neck, incurred yesterday during a very graceful tripping fall from a step ladder. So I was forced to play with the new espresso set up and drive around looking TO NO AVAIL for a proper milk pitcher and dumpbox. (Poughkeepsie SUCKS today! i.e. I could not find them, and now must order them on-line). Sadly, our first drinks will not be christened by gorgeous patterns, but silky milk will suffice. A high-five, a thumbs up, and knowing wink to all who understand the profundity of this day. I CANNOT WAIT TO MAKE COFFEE IN THE MORNING! (Oh, I'm so dramatic!)

Alicia grows more beautiful every day (forgive me for a wee bit of gushing) and I was struck

 this week by the reality of us living together after 3 years and 9 months of being together. It is GOOD. I am happy.

I include and example of what our stairs will look like.