Sunday, October 26, 2008

A long belated post...

Hello, all of you missed friends. Despite all good intentions, this blog has sat in a state of neglect for some time. I assure you, it is not due to a lack of thoughts, well-wishes, or missing going out in your direction. Those have all remained constant. It is purely out of necessary, indescribable busyness balanced by the need to have SOME moments of rest to recuperate.

The attic is partially framed and structurally reinforced. We look forward to having the insulation blown in to the attic within the next two weeks. This is solely dependent on my efforts to complete massive brick reconstruction, as usual. Insulating our attic should help reduce global warming and save much money on our heating bills!

Plague update: one bat and two more birds in the boiler vent.

Hopefully, you are aware that Alicia has been in film school and temporarily living in NYC since early September. She has found her metier and is a great film maker in every facet: screenwriter, director, editor. I am very honored and excited to be working on the film's theme song with the help of Amy, Betsy and Tara in Seattle!! Check out Alicia's Facebook page and website ( for some beautiful stills from the shoot.

I continue to model almost full-time, take painting jobs on the side and work on the house as time allows.

I hope you are all well, happy and warm and urge you to keep in touch as time allows!