Monday, September 24, 2007

The phone call went something like this...

Alicia: "What are you doing honey?"
Jodi: "Working in the basement. What are you doing?"
Alicia: (voice quivering) "I think I just drilled through my finger."

...and I did. Through the little sculpture, into one side of my finger and out through the other side. I had to back the drill out to remove it, catch the blood and try not to faint while I waited for Jodi. Missed the bone as the X-ray would show. And I quote the trauma nurse, "You don't see that every day!" As it turns out, I'll heal, but for now, THROB, THROB, THROB.

Meanwhile, Jodi is dig, dig, digging out the mortar at the base of the basement walls like a little hunched troll. Although it seems like endless drudgery (well, it is endless drudgery) she is maintaining good spirits as the end is in sight. Next comes tuck pointing drudgery, which will be fun and exciting at first (assuming she has no chemical burns from the lime putty) but, 4 stories of tuck pointing WILL be drudgery. I would happily fast forward to a finished house, if it didn't mean missing out on all the good things this year has to offer. Not the drilled fingers, but the sex, the chocolate, New York city and Christmas with my kids. All will seem even tastier compared to tuck pointing.


Chris said...

Ouch, I hope everything is better. At least you still have that finger.

Nina said...

Holy shit! I'm sooo sorry! did it go through your nail bed?