Friday, October 5, 2007

October Already

Sorry that we're so slow on the blog postings lately. It's not that things aren't happening. It's just that most of it right now is in the form of brick-by-brick construction. We are rebuilding loose sections of our load bearing walls in the basement. Not so fun, but necessary for everything that follows. I will spare you the photo of brick walls. Instead I'll drop in a photo or two of our lives when we're not bricklayers.

I drove to Union City, NJ this week to see a man about a job as a sculptor. My interview was to sculpt a huge hand out of foam. The man hired me, but even though this job is just a tunnel away from Manhattan, it adds too much commuting time, so I said thanks, but can't do it. He countered by hiring me from afar. He'll be shipping blocks of foam to Poughkeepsie and I'll be going into Jersey only in the beginning and end of a project. I've been wanting to work big, so I'm excited about this gig. My first job will be to sculpt 16 giant heads of Yankee baseball players. Weird and cool! In the meantime, I've been sculpting 6" figures and casting them in plastic for a large scale installation. I'll include a photo of Romeo - part of a piece entitled "If Romeo Were Five Minutes Late".

Our evenings are spent in our bedroom for the most part. The only room with decent light at the moment, so we watch movies or Jodi plays her guitar while I read or write. A nice end to the day and then at least once a week we make our way to the city. Tomorrow night we'll be going to Brooklyn for an art opening and maybe a club or two.

Be Well,


Nina said...

so, do you all turn on the spin cycle every once and a while for a bit of excitement in bed??

Cool news about the job! How's the finger?

alicia said...

the finger is healing really fast. it was numb for awhile, which had me worried, but the feeling is back.

no, we have plenty of excitement in bed ms. benedetti!

karen armijo said...

I'm sure you know the Yankees were swept by the Indians last night in the playoffs. maybe you can sculpt them crying or at least with a gaping mouth in disbelief. cubs lost too so actually it's me with the gaping mouth.

Alicia said...

karen. you make me laugh!! can't wait to meet you. we should make that happen before 2008.

Karen Armijo said...

uh oh, excuse me. the yankees DID NOT get swept. game just ended and they are still in it. hopefully not for long though.