Friday, October 12, 2007

Brick by brick...

Hello all. My silence has spared you my bit of frustration(?) despair(?) restlessness(?), which has waxed and waned (now in the latter state) -- this due to the (house) can of worms slowing becoming a water tower-size container of oh, say, anacondas. Ha, ha, ha.

We will persevere with the help of one another, our wonderful architects and, say, a lottery win!

My troll hunching has rendered me a bit crippled, but my tuckpointing skills have improved tremendously! I am quite pleased with the results and look forward to practicing from an upright stance at some point soon. (All of my early efforts will be buried beneath the new cement slab basement floor). I still long to embody bionic technologies, just so that I could perform these tasks at light speed. Instead, time flies by, whilst my work moves -- oh, so slowly.

I would really love to hear from you, so email me or comment. Did you all get our New York phone numbers and Alicia's new email address??

I will leave you with fascinating photos of bricks (minus mortar)
and crumbling bearing walls (the x's indicated bricks to be removed and replaced). See my pretty tuckpointing at the bottom??   
It is rainy, but warm. I LOVE the weather here. It was 87 degrees still last week. 55 (today) is SOOOO much warmer in Poughkeepsie than in Seattle!! Fall colors are becoming spectacular... I should include photos of our new favorite spot for food, beer and pool. Yes, perhaps this weekend.

Alicia is working so very hard, partly just in her commuting -- quite an arduous journey in and of itself. She is liking her sculpting job though. Very cool.

I really will try to be better about all of this blogging business. It has been difficult to muster the energy and concentration. Hope you are all well.


p.s. If you're a fan, Jeanette Winterson has new book out... Alicia is just finishing it (one of the best things about a commute: sanctioned reading time!).

p.p.s. If you're into some great new music, let me know. I need some!


Nina said...

now that missing mortar is just damn scarry! Good grief! Funny about the Colubus thing...things are good here...looking forward to Ian's birthday party tomorrow.

Our house is the same...french door is back in, but contractor man-from-hell finally admitted that he is completely broke and waiting for money from other jobs already finished before he will continue with us...when will the tourcher be over!...I've got a bet...your whole house will be completly done before we even get some damn insulation in and siding up!

Love you guys!

karen armijo said...

oh well now, music you ask? I'll have some on it's way in a jiffy. Are you sick of the Seattle indie stuff? Just got home from the Pinback concert in Chicago and it's a must for those Poughkeepsie Fall nights! I don't have any of that lezzie folk music so don't even ask. Or do you prefer some south side rap? My hommies on the south side (ages 8-17) keep me in some pretty serious swag.
What do you like?