Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sexy sexy bed!

Jodi splurged on our anniversary this year and bought this leather platform bed. A bit nicer than the washing machine/dryer headboards, don't you think?

This bed is by far my favorite place in our house and may continue to be even after the construction is complete and the heat is installed. We live in small pockets of splendor (the bed, the espresso machine) amidst plastic sheet walls, open ceilings and floors, construction dust and no real heat. The wood stove is keeping the cold at bay the best it can, but we've been fortunate to have such a warm fall. The night temperatures have finally dipped into the 30's so getting up in the morning is a bit harsh and it's lit a fire under my butt. I'm spending as much of my time as I can working on the house this month. I feel the cold encroaching and as much as I like this bed, hibernation is not a real possibility. My career will have to take a breather so this Arizona girl can survive a New York winter.

This is quite an adventure and I'm certain that Jodi and I will look back on these days with nostalgia. It's amazing what a beautiful thing a bowl of lovely stew and a glass of red wine can be...especially when partaken of in our warm, beautiful bed.


Nina said...

WAY sexy bed!

Helen said...

Yum....stew....I mean, yes, the bed is very nice.

Nina said...

half way through November...you guys still alive?...what new on progress...did I tell you two that we have insullation put up in the garage and new addition?