Monday, October 8, 2007

All hail Columbus!

Oh, the difference between the East Coast and the West Coast... Out here, people STILL CELEBRATE COLUMBUS... the explorer, the discoverer, THE ITALIAN. They have parades for him. HIM! Makes me feel young again, wide-eyed and pure, and believing in heroes.

Well, no political commentary from me. Most of Poughkeepsie was closed in celebration. Thankfully, the grocery store and hardware stores were open...

In honor of this day, Alicia would like to suggest the following activities:

1) A papier-mache globe. (materials needed: newspaper, balloon, flour and paint)
2) A tiny "birchbark" canoe. (materials: brown paper grocery bag and yarn)
3) Your idea here.



Lakey said...

Ah yes - the east coast and its extra, special holidays. Just wait until your first Patriot's Day. Not nearly as poetic as Chicago's Casimir Pulaski Day, but hey - we will take what we can get, yes?

Oh and Alicia, are you BORED with reVOLTing jokes about the hole in your finger? I hope it's healing well.

Miss ya'll.

alicia said...

Hi Lakey,

Just thinking about you!
As for the finger jokes...bring on the PIERCING comments. HA