Saturday, September 1, 2007

Xmas in August!

Well, here we are the day after the Mega Millions drawing for $330 million, yes it's true. A moment of brief silence for not having chosen the winning numbers, and then we move on. How can one resist playing for THAT?! 

Friday was filled with bounty! The kind UPS man delivered several hundreds of pounds of packages: thirteen in all. The radiant heat system has arrived!! (for us to install). Christmas came the form of an espresso machine and grinder fit for commercial use. Two absurd purchases, they are, for a couple about to rip down their kitchen, dining room and living room ceilings -- and having literally ZERO counter space. BUT I'M SO HAPPY!

I wasn't even sure that the electricity in its current state would power said bliss-inducing machines, but, lo, all seems fine. You all know how much good coffee fuels a life well-lived, and so we must!

I had to take the day off today due to a very sore neck, incurred yesterday during a very graceful tripping fall from a step ladder. So I was forced to play with the new espresso set up and drive around looking TO NO AVAIL for a proper milk pitcher and dumpbox. (Poughkeepsie SUCKS today! i.e. I could not find them, and now must order them on-line). Sadly, our first drinks will not be christened by gorgeous patterns, but silky milk will suffice. A high-five, a thumbs up, and knowing wink to all who understand the profundity of this day. I CANNOT WAIT TO MAKE COFFEE IN THE MORNING! (Oh, I'm so dramatic!)

Alicia grows more beautiful every day (forgive me for a wee bit of gushing) and I was struck

 this week by the reality of us living together after 3 years and 9 months of being together. It is GOOD. I am happy.

I include and example of what our stairs will look like.



Jordan said...

Those are very sexy stairs!! I dont think it has hit me yet, that you two are so far away. I miss new york city, half time beer store, H&M, the little ones next door, and most of all i miss chilling with you girls.

Jessica said...

Jodi, this is Jessi (from Vivace)!

Guess where I live now? I found your flyer by the elevator and hoped this was you.
My boyfriend and I moved into the TK lofts in June, and life has is wonderful. Thanks for the hot tip!

I'm glad to see you're doing well!


Lakey said...

Do you hear strange noises at night? That's the sound of me, drooling at the thought of beyond-delicious coffee brewing in your house. Only 362 miles away. Must get coffee.