Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, Monday

A dumb day, as Mondays tend to be for me. Rain, hail, and well, more rain. Spring smring. It is a cold dark wintry day.

Instead of ripping through the installation of helical ties (I'll tell you about them tomorrow), I was stymied. Wah. Awaiting instructions from the architects = a pacing, restless day. The mortar has suffered badly from years of neglect, making these walls a bit dicey to reconstruct. I want to go fast, but -- as always -- it's going to go slowly. I knocked out some rotting bricks and bedded new ones. One wall has about 60 bricks to rebed. Sigh.

I've done five scare-free loads of laundry. The dogs nap peacefully today, whilst the offending former laundering pair are sitting on the front porch, tarp-covered and awaiting their sale.

On a happy note, I present my beautiful section of tuckpointing. I FINALLY got the color right (I hope, I hope). 

And, as an extra treat: an encore of delicious hardware.



Nina said...

I have an urge to get that last bolt in tight....ooohhh if only I were there....I'm so happy to see more bloggs!!!

Anonymous said...

Come any time Ms. Benedetti. We have 48 more of those babies to install and some very heavy beams to raise. Girls do it smarter, but it still sucks!