Thursday, January 3, 2008


Now that the holidays are over and we're ready to go back to work on this house, I wanted to share some photos. 
We had Jordan, Hilary and Chris here for a wonderful (wish it were longer) week. We built a puzzle, ate amazing food, saw two movies, shopped in NYC and spent the night in a Chelsea hotel that's run by nuns, literally. It's a great find passed on to me several years ago by a good friend. Affordable lodging in the city if you don't mind a cross above your bed.         

Sorry we have no pictures to share of our New Year's celebration in Maine with our friends Mary and Dorn. It went something like this...several days of pajama wearing while we were deciphering, cutting, folding, pasting and squinting to build a paper model of Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House. We will have to finish the construction on our next visit as Jodi was the most devoted worker and ended up sick on the first with a migraine or hangover? from an evening of lobster, artichokes, chocolate lava cakes and champagne. While the first wasn't so good for Ms. Jaecks, the rest of our trip was filled with laughter, a warm fire and a lovely foot of snow falling outside. 

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays. Time to get back to it. I'm anxious to start this year. Lots up our collective sleeves!  


Chris said...

I miss being there, coming back to boring reality like school and work sucks. Hope everything is going well and cant wait to see more pictures of the house being worked on now that Ive been there.

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