Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A brief respite

Hello. Sorry for the lack of something new. It has been a time of much activity, much inactivity (as far as working on the house), and a tightening of the purse strings.

Alicia has lots of new developments: she's having a solo show at G.A.S., a Poughkeepsie gallery, in February (soon!!) and has a fantastic new website! Go to NOW! She designed the site herself and it looks great. Now you can check in on the newest developments in her art. We've been writing press releases, designing postcards and posters 

 and will be driving around EVERYWHERE on her birthday (this Saturday) to post them for her show.

I have started working as a life model for a couple of drawing classes at the local community college. IT IS INTENSE! Basically, I get paid for four-hour blocks of excruciating yoga of sorts. Of course, I love it. I work two days a week and am sending my resume to many other colleges in the area.

That is all for now. More on our creative capital pursuits next time...


Nina said...

So, do you have to pose nude?

karen E. Armijo said...

and if so.....can you post some of those photos on the blog?