Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Reverend's Message

There's a church that stands on a prominent corner in Poughkeepsie. Some time ago I started to take notice of the changing message board. The minister is a woman and she's got some good ones. I started calling Jodi and as soon as she would say hello, I would say something like, "If god seems far away, who moved?" Our favorite so far is:

 "Education without faith makes clever devils".   I know a lot of those!

We tried to take a photo of that one for the blog and it mysteriously wouldn't download to the computer...very Twilight Zone. That message wasn't up long enough to try again, but this time we were able to get a photo of this very disturbing decree.  Can we get in trouble for this????  I better photoshop her name out. Be right back... 


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Me said...

You can totally post these. There are websites that show these church sayings from all over the country. They are funny. I grew up in the Southeast and there are some crazies out there. Thanks for sharing!