Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Art Show

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Alas, we've been naughty again and not blogging. Our excuse is a good one: Alicia's solo show in Poughkeepsie. 
We spent Tuesday to Saturday painting, repairing, marking, drilling (oh, those 1201 holes!), hanging, shopping, etc. Phew -- a busy week. And worth every minute.

The show looks fantastic in the gallery space and the opening was very well-attended (huge even!). Alicia almost lost her voice from talking to lots of interesting people. Everyone seemed truly engaged by her work. Cool, huh?

An after-party at Alicia's studio offered much fun for all. Best of all: Mary Lake and Dorn drove all the way from Maine to see the show. An all-to-brief visit, but lovely, nonetheless.


Nina said...

The show looks great...Jodi, your hair is getting so long!

Anonymous said...

Hey peeps- not the marshmellow kind...
I really enjoyed my time in Poughkeepsie. I miss you all.
Especially Ruppy-footlicker.
Do ya'll want to join us in the Spring for an adventure to Burlington, VT?
Lakey and I were discussing and I think it is equidistant from Augusta.
OK...keep up the blog- I love reading 'bout your updates.

Lakey said...

Ah - Dorn? It's "Rumpy-footlicker" to you, babe.

Me said...

Wow Alicia, great job on your show! How exciting. Wish I could have attended the opening:) And you sold a painting too? Life is good and I'm so happy for you both.