Sunday, April 20, 2008


I began my day early as my new alter-ego. I started by giving life, well, sustenance to the birds in the 'hood. I'm a geek, I love them, binoculars and bird book in hand. I am riveted by them.

Then I switched to destroy mode and kill-kill-killed things. Well, really, I only killed one thing many times over: poison ivy. Yes, 'tis the season. I am a geek in this regard, as well. As I was telling Alicia this morning, it is as though I have developed a symbiotic relationship with my arch nemesis (me being the super-hero). Yesterday, I was COMPELLED to do yard work. I'd been thinking about it all week, but I suddenly jumped up from my transcribing and started chopping things down and ripping them out. It is as though I am now intuitively linked in some way to my daunting enemy...The poison ivy had JUST THAT DAY leafed out. It was eerie, truly. My hands and knees were literally shaking as I went into the netherworld on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GARAGE. This was a frightening jungle -- totally uncharted territory filled solid with vines and lots of scary things. Then there is the jungle edge of the yard that has not only poison ivy, but what I believe they call around here: mile-a-minute. That says it all. Blink, and it's a yard further AND the leaf buds are sticky....INSIDIOUS!

By the time I was done, it was quite windy and I was terrified that I had doomed myself. I am so allergic that I have gotten bad cases of poison ivy from the wind several times. I scrubbed myself down and applied Super Ivy Dry from my face down....OW, it stings.

No bumps or swollen eyes this the clear. So, of course, I had to temp fate again this afternoon and continue. Funny, how yard work -- you know, getting your hands in the dirt and all that just isn't quite the same wearing elbow-length industrial rubber gloves. Sigh.

Life and death all in one day.

In true bachelor style, I have eaten the same dinner three days in a row (while pining for my love to return). I ate an entire box of Annie's mac & cheese for lunch... Alicia comes home tomorrow.


Nina said...

I can relate, Jodi. I, too, have a nemisis...dandylions (did I spell that right?...doesn't look right)...anyway, I'm contantly attempting to pull them from their roots in my front and back yard...also the nettles have snuck into our backyard...not as bad as poison ivy, but nasty just the same. I won't touch those without gloves and longsleved shirt on. It was so fun hanging out with Alicia and the gang, although it wasn't the same without you. 16 of us around tables eatting dinner last night...nice, warm, fuzzy feelings inside!

Can't wait to see you all in a month!!

Lakey said...

It's clear that Jaecky can't be left alone. Alicia, will you please tell me when you are leaving town so I can keep an eye on her?

Nina said...

Okay ladies...what's the bloggs in how long? Inappropriate...or as I tell Lucy when she's gotten into the cat box or bathroom trash again...shameful!

Perhaps the poison ivy won?...hope not!

So much for the daily.

Nina said...

days go by and no new bloggs....ho I'm worried that poison ivy really did win...