Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Friday!

Hello! One last yummy hardware photo: it's a crowd pleaser!
Now, on to the helical ties, finally. I know you've been dying to know all about them...
I drill a hole in the brick with my new beloved tool, a rotary hammer.
The hole goes all the way into the next wythe of brick. It goes fast and is painless.
Then I switch to the bit that installs the helical tie. Pow, pow, pow, it's in, again -- painless -- except for the two out of 60 or so that wouldn't go in all the way.

So basically, it just ties the layers of bricks together and makes things more structurally sound in the big picture.

But today, I was rebedding bricks. Wow, twenty-two bricks in an entire work day -- that's hauling ass all day. Oh, and I had to knock out all of the rotten ones first. Several double batches of mortar. I really want an electric mortar mixer, but alas, not now. (I really want another tattoo, also, but that's not going to happen either, sigh).

More bricks tomorrow, although I am dying to play my guitar!

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