Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello, all. I hope that amidst all of our lazy or celebratory activities this weekend that we stop for at least a moment to consider the gravity of those throughout history that this day honors...

Alicia and I returned from our Seattle trip with momentum. I worked in the basement digging out mortar for repointing this week. Alicia did some major spring cleaning and removed most of the clutter from our first floor living area -- clutter in the form of those huge bales of insulation stacked everywhere. They've been banished to the garage until installation time. Of course, this required making room in the garage...

Our architect invited us to a bbq later today, so we are rescued briefly from our social isolation. YAY! Mmmm.... smoked brisket and pork butt..... Can't wait.

Alicia will return to Jersey tomorrow, sigh. So far away. She got two pairs of super cool new glasses.
We played tennis yesterday and this morning. I do so love tennis. The weather is gorgeous, though windy. It's supposed to hit 83 today.

Newest addition to the bird family at the feeder: gold finches. I am thrilled! We got our sweet little garden planted before we left town.
For the moment, we're winning against the ground hog(s).

So good to visit Seattle and see those I miss, well, at least some of them. I got a cute new haircut the day we left. No more ponytail!

Happy day!

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Nina said...

Yeay! A Blogg to read!

Short hair again, eh? I have a cute photo of you and Alicia from our trip to the beach. I think I e-mailed her a copy of it.