Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Time flying

Yikes, it is already June, and I don't know where I am -- torn in every direction. More so than ever, there are never enough hours in a day, and there is never enough money.

Alicia and I had a lovely weekend, which included her getting a motorcycle riding lesson, finally. And so, it begins. She likes it!

One of my recent thrills is wearing my new glasses that make me look like a male euro-model-nerd-spy. 

 Seeing clearly is a good thing. They are JUST READING GLASSES. Alicia says I'm in denial...

She will soon be leaving for her residency on the Washington peninsula. I will be doing things. We are having several visitors in the next month, so I have a lot to do.


Lakey said...

Nice glasses, there, Jaecks. Very Berlin.

Anonymous said...

Love the glasses. I got new ones last month. It'll be nice to Al tonight.

Glad to see another post!