Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, we're in the midst (hopefully tail-end) of a heat wave, if you haven't heard. It's been scorchin'! 103 yesterday, 100 today on the Jeep thermometer. Phew. I am sorry to say we've been pushing 90 inside the house... Gee, is that what attic insulation does?? We'll have to get some!

Alicia is in Washington state (3rd time in two months!) on an artist's residency -- writing her screenplay, well, two of them actually. It is about 40 degrees cooler where she is.

I've been crazy busy, working an exterior staining job (lots), modeling and keeping things up at home. Oh, yeah, AND moving (literally) every-single-item-that-we-own from two storage units into one. To anyone who has ever helped me move my green couch, that remains to be moved with a helper.

Today was catching up with the garden, which is looking gorgeous and lush in this jungly humidity and heat. 
I picked four bags of delicious mixed greens, herbs and arugula and thought of all of you, to whom I used to give garden produce in Seattle. There are already 1" tomatoes out there...quite a bit ahead of the season in the Northwest. 

Had my first taste (no, not literally, although I read that they are quite delicious!) of stinging nettles whilst cutting the grass yesterday. 
I can adamantly say, that stinging nettle does, in fact, REALLY sting. Youch. It looks much better today -- about half as big.

Oh, I must include these photos for Amy V. and my mom, who never got to see my flowing tresses 
before they got chopped off. (I NEVER wore it down). 
Please note, for your amusement the pseudo bun that I sported during many a modeling gig... Tee-hee! 


Nina said...

glad to see another blogg my friend. This has been the coldest June in 100 years here...I don't know if you envy us, but we're pretty ready to see a temperature abouve 65 around here, I'll tell you! Miss ya!

Karen Armijo said...

we can help you move the green couch on june 28th

Nina said...

So...how about a blogg update at least twice a month...