Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mermaids Today - Heat Tomorrow

Literally tomorrow! We've finished the radiant and Frank, our plumber, has the boiler set to go. Tomorrow, we have heat..and plenty of house photos to share. So today, you get photos of the mermaid I've been working on. Stay tuned. Might be a couple of days before the full spread hits this blog, only because we have champagne chilling for our first warm night.

Jodi wants me to add that we have a basement full of gravel! May seem like a weird thing to get excited about to you, but this means our slab is finally in progress. We've been ready for months. Jodi and Mary had the basement demolition and excavation done before I arrived in July, but getting a concrete guy lined up (who's not part of the MOB) is a slow process in Poughkeepsie.

Lots of photos to share (they've been piling up for some time). Now that warmth is more than just a fantasy, we will be able to take the time to blog.

Oh yeah. Don't think we've blogged about this...
This is a photo of the jeep after the deer jumped in front of our car. Much more damage to the poor departed dear deer. It was instant for her at least. We pulled out the duct tape to get us through until January when the body shop can repair it. Are you getting the idea that things move with a different sense of urgency on the East coast?

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karen armijo said...

It's cold as hell here in the Midwest--lots of ice. I can't imagine not having heat! Merry christmas