Sunday, December 16, 2007

A thousand words in pictures...

I can't begin to say all that I have to say after so much time away from this task. I am always writing blogs in my head as I work. I'm sure someday I'll be able to dictate telepathically through a cyber link. Until then, I will share photos for now.

I am sitting in pjs and a t-shirt ON TOP of the covers, and I AM WARM!!!!

Gone are these days:  
and these. 

Good-bye to our beloved kitchen chandelier  (i.e. the only place to hang a light).

Speaking of which, I feel as though I am going blind living in this house. We have but TWO wired ceiling lights in the entire house (sans basement). This means that the number of available lights (well, work lights, that is) is solely dependent on where the they were being used that day, and whether I bothered to bring them back. This has provided Alicia with a fine excuse for not mastering her steamed milk techniques (too dark). It has also provided me with many a harrowing trips on multiple extension cord snafus (due to the ever-changing arrangement of EVERYTHING).

No more gazing up at this   in the morning. Now we have the beginnings of our new fireproof, sound and thermal insulation 
 made from basalt and slag.... COOL. Hey, speaking of said insulation, where DOES one put FIFTY-TWO bags, each measuring 4 feet x 2 feet x 1-1/2 feet?? EVERYWHERE!

 And I do mean everywhere. 

Just wait until you see what we do with these in the meantime (tune in soon).

Oh! We had our first REAL snowstorm last Friday.  Twelve beautiful inches of gorgeous snow (not too cold, not too wet). I had more fun than can be expressed driving in it on several outings that day. It was a true and total BLAST. Yay! I love my Jeep and I love 4-wheel drive! Alicia has yet to attempt to drive on the snow and ice... I've no doubt that with some instruction, practice and confidence, she'll be having a ball, too.

The basement slab is due to be poured soon (with more radiant heat!), although I'm not quite sure when, as I've got soooo much to do first. Just getting the gravel in down there was quite a transformation -- and an eight hour day of hard work by two fellows with wheel barrows. It will be a fine day when the arctic blast from below is quelled.

Will post the photos of the boiler with radiant manifolds (I KNOW you're all waiting with bated breath) soon.


Lakey said...

Oh yay! The picture of the thermometer says it all! Congratualtions on the beginning of the benefits of all of your hard work. Can't wait to see you two again.

kris said...

congrats on the heat! i have been thinking of you all so much, hope you're still enjoying the snow!

Nina said...

Hey ladies...good to see warmth in the house! Miss y'all!