Friday, December 21, 2007

Transformed!! (sort of)

Happy vacation!!! In whirlwind of activity occurring on Wednesday night and all day yesterday, Alicia and I have turned our construction zone into a temporary home. Now we can relax and enjoy an entire week with the kids!! With the help of many comforters (formerly dog beds) and many bundles of insulation,  well, you'll just have to see for yourself:

We have a couch and a love seat:
(seven bundles + four comforters). Yes, the love seat did get covered.

A door and two boxes (containing our new future toilets) = dining room table!

Three bundles, one fitted sheet, one futon mattress, and voila! Hilary sleeps!

Admittedly, our tub and bathroom area are lacking in privacy, but they are oh, so atmospheric, no?

Home sweet home, and just in time for Christmas.

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Karen E. Armijo said...

I turned the heat up to 80 today and danced around naked in honor of your newly heated pad. Wow, what a system! The shower area is "total" haunted mansion material.
My client for tonight called me this morning (the 24th) and wanted me to go down to Nieman Marcus to see if they have caviar. I said, "No, you crazy bitch." very nicely of course. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!