Monday, July 9, 2007

Hello from Alicia. We've crossed the big state of Montana, where
the grass on the hillsides moves in the wind like flowing water.
Wish I had packed my video camera in the cab, instead of a box
in the back. Tonight we sleep in Buffalo, WY (pop. 3,900). Jodi
wants me to tell you that today was an "uneventful day" and as
you read on, you will see why that makes us happy. So, we've
sort of had a slow start with the late departure and the unexpected
chance to sunbathe by the side of the road.... We're in no hurry,
thought, just enjoying the adventure and this beautiful country.


Nina said...

pretty (I'm assuming dead) yellow butterfly on the bottom right side of your grill. My parents and I had a huge Monarch stuck in our grill when we were in Canada a few years ago...poor guy/girl!

Lakey said...

Ah ha - lemons to lemonade? Unexpected chance to sunbathe? I look forward to the full story of the breakdown and rescue.