Friday, July 20, 2007

Home sweet hell

One week later... Alicia moved in to a studio, realized it was too small, canvassed the town, interviewed, and will end up renting space in an empty building. Turned down a job as teacher and opted for learning how to cast concrete (hopefully!) instead. {Please see wonderful web site for!!} It is just down the street from us (literally) and we have VERY high hopes for it on many levels, as they might employ Alicia, trade a painting for a concrete floor and provide us with a new architect.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Jodi, Mary and Jordan trudged on... and on: removing plaster, lath, trim, excavating basement floor (yet again), lamenting the state of our mortar, hauling, hauling, etc. Alicia picked today (of all days) to pitch in: Rat nest and soot day in the attic. HEY! Let's lug buckets of rat nest and plaster down two flights of stairs and toss it into the new 30-yard dumpster that adorns the street in front of our house! Over, and over, and over, and over.......... Ugh! Who knew hell was up??

Poor dear Lakey and Jordan labored within the confines of a "room" measuring three feet by four feet -- all day. Nothing to do but let plaster rain down upon you. Sad. Jordan is injured and Mary is damn tired, but well fed.


Mark S said...

all caught up now, and will check in regularly.... what an adventure, so glad your truck recovered (whoa!)and all is moving forward. alicia, I think that concrete company will be glad for your help... I looked at those custom pages on their site. looking forward to the next chapter.

susan said...

Hey Kittens! Glad to hear you'vearrived safe and sound in Poughtown. Alicia, I knew you'd be taking over that town in no time! Offers to teach, make cool custom stuff. I bet afater a year you're the mayor!

Can't wait to hear more about plaster and rat turds!!!!

Thinking of you two,

PS you both look rought and hot in those overalls!

speck said...

So did you get the concrete job? I need an update! That sounds so great -- really happy for you all!