Friday, July 13, 2007

We're Here!!!

A little behind on blogging. Had a lovely evening with brother Jeff and sister-in-law Judy and Mom in Illinois. Accidentally erased every single photo in my camera from the trip, then left the camera in the hotel room outside Youngstown, Ohio this morning. Oops.

Drove up to the house around 4 p.m., after a quick grocery stop. Nebbie has already rolled in groundhog poop... Home sweet home. (Jordan LOVES the house!)

The real story is this: Alicia and I are now officially living together for the first time, in our house. True bliss.


Nina said...

Awe! Well, I'm glad to know that you all made it. Did you get your camera back, Jodi?

Miss you all!! It was fun seeing your art at Ikea, Alicia...I feel like I know someone so famous!!...and there you were on two pages in the Ikea catalog! Becky says we should get you to autograph the catalog!

speck said...

I'm obsessed with the creepy albino spider. What is that? I'm attracted/repelled... I don't know how to comfort myself with that image. How do you run into such terrifying animals? And what is that dried husk of a carcass next that nut thing? Your road trip has turned into a David Lynch film. I'm a-scared.

Lakey said...

Hey, I hear your fear on the albino spider. Imagine how lovely it was to actually find them in person. The "husk of a carcass" is actually a mummified rat. I should have saved it for you. But I still have Lional's skull, if you want that.

Janell said...

Okay, that top picture of you and Alicia is one Alicia took with a camera at arms length, right? I recognize "the look" on Alicia's face.

My beloved Ian went to Texas for his annual visit. One wonders, why Texas? I mean, if Texas were given back to Mexico, who would really miss it?

I do, however, miss you guys. I know you are busy unpacking all your stuff so that you can do more damage, and find more dead animals:)I will gladly provide mysterious and creepy names for future mummified victims.

Love you

kris said...

thanks for the creepy pictures to add to my mental image of your new home! just kidding, i can't wait to come and visit. has the albino spider got a name yet? and the mummified rat...i have question. how exactly, lakey since you seem up on this stuff, does a rat or a cat for that matter become mummified? i don't think there are any ancient Egyptian rituals involved or are there? it is new england...