Monday, June 18, 2007

A bad day for Ivy

Change of plans... did not work myself to death. Instead, I killed killed KILLED poison ivy and all other viney things in my way to killing the ivy.

I've had a rash since a few days after I got here. It's definitely the ivy.
It is everywhere: on either side of the yard in massive jungly overgrowth waiting to make its move,
around the borders of the yard in planting beds, around the yard and IN the yard (yes, in the grass, even).
I HATE poison ivy. We go way back... BAAAAD memories.
Our green (i.e. earth-friendly) on-its-way-to-being-organic yard is full of poison, by my own hand.

I am ashamed and triumphant. Poor, poor wilted ivy. 
Now you can walk next to the house!  

(Formerly a jungle).

I am hesitant to say it, lest I am not out of the woods, as they say... I think I fought it back without it biting me. I will know for sure by tomorrow morning. I am hoping that coveralls, mask and two pairs of gloves were an adequate barrier. I followed the outing with an alcohol rub-down (ow! sting-y), soap pre-wash, double wash with poison ivy soap, then full body spritz with Super Ivy Dry. I am crossing my fingers.

A quick outing to the DMV... I have New York license plates!!

The rest of the day was spent on-line and on the phone: research and calls for estimates. That actually felt shockingly productive. Who knew? Guess I had a desk job today versus the usual manual labor.

Lakey is driving toward Poughkeepsie at this very moment. Her dream has come true: I saved the last of the basement floors (#6) for her to help with tomorrow. Do I know how to spoil a friend, or what?

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