Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More catching up from last week

Slave driver Jodi "let" Lakey in late...
then served her a fine breakfast of 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs over-easy,  a slice of warmed buttered brown bread and coffee...IN BED. Poor Lakey... (Spoiled Lakey even took a photo of her favorite salad that I'd made for her one night. Where's that photo?)

Thursday I don't remember, except for rat nests, mouse nests and a short work day. Oh, yeah, I realized I had forgotten a section of wall... We finished around two-o'clock and headed out for some sight-seeing.  Delicious tacos in New Paltz, browsing a delightful art supply store and a great health food store ala a tiny Whole Foods. The checker was pissy with Lakey. Grrr.... Out for pizza and pool near Vassar. Much fun and yummy pizza... Oh! and the gay bar! (In Poughkeepsie??!)


Jodi and Alicia's Poughkeepsie Palace said...

Gee, Jodi - did you scoot that empty six-pack right next to my head for a photo op? That's not fair!

Jodi & Alicia's Poughkeepsie Palace said...

No, I did not! I didn't even notice it. It's still there in the bottle recycling pile.... Sorry!

P.S. WHO IS SPECK???? I must know!