Friday, June 15, 2007

Land of a thousand screws

Still feeling yesterday a bit (buns of steel, baby)... So I actually took it a little easy. Had hoped to get a lot more done today, but I had an estimator come in the middle of the day. That through me off.
Anyhoo, today's task was that pesky Wonderboard floor that was laid under the slate tiles. 
Sometimes it was easy... 

But in other areas, it was very crumbly or stuck down...

But it was always very heavy... 10 (ten) garbage bags later....

I was then left with The Land of a Thousand Screws. The installer liked screws very much. They wanted to use as many screws as possibly. So they did. Imagine screws every 4 to 8 inches on an entire floor. Yes, it is so. I wanted to have all of the screw removed today, so that I could give you their astonishing numbers, but alas, my task was left incomplete. I get to rise early tomorrow (Saturday!) and unscrew screws (crouching, squatting or bending over mind you...good for the booty). Jealous? (Of the task, silly, not the booty).

What am I looking at??!
It's dryfloor!

My favorite part I actually found yesterday tucked away in a corner. Now, have you ever contemplated why they call it drywall?? Well, perhaps these handy people thought of it as dryboard.  If it's board, you can use it anywhere, right?? For instance, on a FLOOR. Oops, better make it double thickness for STRENGTH. Oi. I laughed my ass off yesterday when I found it, today I dug it out. It is just too absurd. It is like using toilet paper as INSULATION! Ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh, wait, they did that, too.

Ooh! Finally found some artifacts. It's been many dry days, yielding nothing but coins
(unremarkable ones). Today's tidbits:


I leave you with one more image: 
The Bruise    (can't you see it?!)

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