Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Facing one's fears...

I don't know why I fear "the abyss." It shouldn't be scary to have dirt under one's wood floor in a basement, and yet, I am scared. This has been exacerbated by a dream I had last week: I was standing on the dirt floor, when suddenly it caved in completely, leaving me twenty feet down in a cavernous hole. I didn't have my cell phone. My dogs were outside and didn't have access to me. I wondered how would I be rescued?! No one could hear me. I would starve. My dogs would starve...

Well, it's time to open up the depths of that abyss. I tore the first layer of floor off today. Tomorrow will be the real day of reckoning: the original (subfloor). Then, nothing between and the dirt. I peaked under the hall floor boards. That is less scary, but harder to navigate. The base is rubble there, i.e. sharp stones and bricks. Fun, fun, fun!

Oh, forgot to post this delightful photo of our new outdoor bathroom...

Uh, oh. It's startin' to look a little trashy around here!

A delicious side note: Lots of great beers to try out here. I've been sampling summer brews. I recommend Brooklyn Summer Ale, Magic Hat Fat Angel (YUM), Shipyard Summer Ale, Anderson Valley Brewing Company's Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema, and Spanish Peaks Summer White. There's nothing quite like an ice cold beer at the end of a really, really hard work day.

I'd also like to tip you off to Newman's Hermits. An incredibly scrumptious spice cookie (like grammaw woulda made. I've liked every flavor I've tried. Oh, hell, while I'm thinking about food: Odwalla's Chocolate Protein drink and Wallaby's organic yogurt (maple is tops).

My pizza is done and so am I. Cheers!

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