Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bad Lakey, no Rice Krispy Treat

All there is left of the abyss is the abyss. The final layer of flooring was painstakingly removed, board by board, to expose the underlying beams. How interesting to note that one's house (Jodi and Alicia's, that is) has been held up by three or four slabs of rock and a couple of shims. Rusted shims. Beams were removed, scraped, vacuumed, bleached and stacked ever-so-neatly in the garage.

Meanwhile, in Funtown D-O-G, groundhogs were in grave peril and mulberries were in season. Which is to say that certain canines of the Welsh Cardigan Corgi breed are sure to have intestinal issues, no doubt during their trip back to Maine. And certain other WCCs might have big lumps on their little blue heads from falling ten feet or so in pursuit of one of the many relatives of Lional, the dead cat. Said blue merle corgi proceeded to cost her guardian well over two hundred dollars in emergency vet fees because of a great big lump on her little blue spotted head. We will never know exactly what happened. At least Lakey got a really cool x-ray out of it

Lakey spazzed out and collapsed all of Saturday while Jodi ripped out, single handedly, the staircase from the main floor to the basement. Jodi is amazing. She is a super hero.

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Anonymous said...

Please make sure they have their tailguards on next time.