Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"He smokes like a fish"

A delightful Poughkeepsie saying (evidently) that we were almost uncontrollably amused by today. I am quoting a neighbor that we just met today from down the street. She is wonderful, and invited me to sing Catholic songs (they pass out sheets with the words) in someone's basement. I told her I was an atheist. She said we can still come...

Oh! Lakey is back and hopefully, I didn't work her too hard. Today was a little Steven Kingish. Amongst the artifacts from the day, please note cat skull. Said skull was found resting beneath the floorboards in the dirt of the greater abyss. It appeared to Lakey that someone had hastily wrapped their dead cat in a sweatshirt and shoved it under the floor "before their kid came home". Creepy. This is a perfectly good cat skull (from the near the Catskills, ha, ha). Does anyone want it? Lakey bravely took care of it. Thank-you very much.

In other news, the pile of lumber in the garage has forced Jodi's Jeep to sleep on the street. (Lakey doesn't want another $50 parking ticket... not that she's paid it or anything...). 
Oh - the mosquitoes have hatched! Lakey instructed Jodi to go out and come back with 100% DEET, which is perfectly SAFE, but no ... we have BABY DEET. 7%. Not 70%, seven percent. That's just going to piss them off. Yikes. (But "it says it gives you up to two hours of protection," she said. "We're not going to be out there for more than two hours.") Speaking of insects - if anyone can identify the gigantic albino spider pictured here ...
We'll leave you with assorted artifact photos, 

as we are stuffed ... Lakey ate TWO (2) porkchops (disgusting!) and Jodi ate an entire plate of food: chicken piccata (3 fillets), mashed potatoes and half a head of broccoli. Yes, these girls worked up an appetite -- even in 90 degree weather with high humidity.

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kris said...

god the cat skull is creepy...poor kitty i won't even let my imagination wonder with that one.