Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finally! Something new to read!!!

I  just want to say "Yay", and thanks to new Safari for Windows, which is not making this blog possible and BUG FREE. Yippee!!

Don't know where to pick up from...

I wanted to dedicate last Wednesday's workday to my brother Jeff, who would be amazed and -- maybe even a little impressed with what his little sister can do! Hell, I dedicate my whole work week last week to Jeff. Lakey and I ripped through that bathroom and the main room, too. 

Many, many trips to the dump to see my pal George at the Big House.

The blog became an excellent distraction to pedestrian work tasks like dump runs. A road construction site is suddenly a photo op!!

   Silly girls.

Lakey and I had many blog-inspired ideas: sponsors (Vitamin Water, Devil Dogs, Icy-Hot, beer companies... Yeah, they'd love us. I've got a skimpy swimsuit bottom and tank undershirt on and Lakey sports boxers and a white tee.... under our coveralls). Then there's the Wish List: First on mine is bionic gloves that clamp down on tools for me, thus saving my prematurely arthritic hands.... We'll add the Wish List later.

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