Monday, June 25, 2007

Bad dogs, sore bones, new hard-drive

Well howdy. Back in the saddle again, after being bucked off by a bad hard-drive. All is recovered... over $400 later, sigh.

We actually took yesterday OFF. Much fun was had, and many beers...

Lakey has left me again. My dogs responded to their neglect by reviving their interest in a groundhog hole. These adorable fuzzballs live pretty much under the garage. My BAD dogs had been forbidden from even LOOKING at that corner of the yard, but alas they regressed. The former entry way to the groundhogs' living room is now an outdoor great room. (Nebbie and Rumpus said, "Freya made us do it!" I'm not buying it...) The rubble is supposed to keep BAD DOGS from continuing to dig, whilst allowing adorable groundhogs to come and go. We'll see how that goes.

More interestingly, much tiring progress was made in the final demolition of the basement hall/stairway. (p.s. you can click on photos to make them bigger). The stairs and supporting structure are completely gone. The final bit of plaster has been removed from the stone wall, and tomorrow I will finish pulling up the last of the floorboards in the hall. Weee! 

Where once there were stairs!
Too tired for more. Tomorrow: floorboards and brick/mortar repair!


Anonymous said...

I know a thing or two about BAD DOGS. Last week someone brought their un-neutered male yorkie, Chubby, over to our house to "visit." Houdini not only sat on his head, but also urinated on him, in what I consider to be the ultimate act of male dominance! Chubby's mom was horrified, but the two dogs ended up becoming fast friends, and were proudly leg humping and urinating (though the Chubs was too short to accurately mark Hoody so merely hit the floor) for the remainder of the evening. It was damn funny.

What the hell is that shriveled up thing with the nut, (no, I was not referring to a male body part, though tempting) and have you considered the implications of decapitated, dead/mummified animal corpses under your basement floor?

Glad the nerds fixed your computer:) Maybe they could retrieve my fucking password because I can't remember it!

Jodi & Alicia's Poughkeepsie Palace said...

Janell, you are too damn funny! That "shriveled up thing" is indeed a mummified rat, who died with his nut... What do you mean, implications?!! Better email me your response. We have to consider Chris's psyche... I need your email address!!